SOVORO provides AI based speech-to-text service.
Use real-time subtitles anytime, anywhere.

Activate real-time subtitles anywhere you need.

  • Find out the contents using SOVORO in real time regardless of places such as school classes, churches, seminars, etc.
    Lecture, Worship, Seminar
  • Check out the real time subtitles using SOVORO when you receive consultations from hospitals or government offices.
    Consulting in Medical & Government office
  • Convert PC audio into real time subtitles using SOVORO.
    Spoken language from PC

Anytime Anywherer Subtitles flow

Install SOVORO on your PC to access subtitles during classes, seminars, churches, and Internet lectures.
Subtitles are being checked in real time by SOVORO app on PC

Public ServiceIncreasing accessibility

SOVORO Tab supports the communication of hard-of-hearing people in public facilities, hospitals, and offices.
Check out the words being spoken by using SOVORO Tab

SOVORO is widely used in numerous organizations.