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SOVORO is all-in-one transcript management service based on artificial intelligence.
Experience high-quality transcription service anytime and anywhere.

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Subtitles flow anytime, anywhere

SOVORO on your device provides live transcription
for school classes, seminars, and online lectures.

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Make public services more accessible

SOVORO Tab Help deaf people communicate in public
institutions, hospitals, and work places.

Product Feature

  • Find out the contents using SOVORO in real time regardless of places such as school classes, churches, seminars, etc.

    High Accuracy

    High performance AI model delivers transcription with the best accuracy.
  • Check out the real time subtitles using SOVORO when you receive consultations from hospitals or government offices.

    Support Various Devices

    Can create, read and edit transcripts in Mobile, Tablet and Desktop device.
  • Convert PC audio into real time subtitles using SOVORO.

    Edit Freely

    Edit transcripts with advanced editor while listening audio files and manage files easily.
  • Convert PC audio into real time subtitles using SOVORO.

    Save & Share

    Save your transcript as a document in various formats and share your files with anyone.
  • Convert PC audio into real time subtitles using SOVORO.

    Two-way communication

    Communicate using Text-to-speech(TTS) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC) features.

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