Manuals for Usages at Schools/Seminars

You can read your lectures
with speech-to-text captions on your laptop.

  • Anyone can easily use the program without complicated procedures.
  • SOVORO can be a versatile tool in educational fields. ※ Connecting to a microphone gives you a higher recognition rate.

Manuals for Usages at Hospitals

You can read your doctor's speech
with speech-to-text captions on you tablet computer.

  • Even on your first visit, you can see your doctor one your own.
  • You can understand the diagnosis immediately by reading real-time converted captions. ※ You can describe your health status precisely <br> using the tablet computer's write-to-communicate feature.

Manuals for Usages at Companies/Public Offices

You can read your counselor's speech
with speech-to-text captions

  • SOVORO lets hearing-impaired people visit Public Offices <br> without communicational difficulties.
  • As a two-way interactive tablet computer,<br> Sovoro provides text input based communication and real-time speech-to-text translation.

Manuals for Usages at Religious Institutions

You can read your worship sermons
with speech-to-text captions.

  • Did you miss some of your sermon? <br> Hearing-impaired people can now fully understand sermons with speech-to-text captions.
  • Check out the contents with SOVORO's real-time caption service.

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