Manuals for Usages at Institution

Improve accessibility and communication
for the deaf, hard of hearing and elderly

  • Specialized customer Services for the socially disadvantaged
  • Specialized customer services for the elderly
  • Public and financial instituitions

Manuals for Usages at Office

To facilitate communication
in the workplace

  • In-person and online meetings
  • Work
  • Customer services
  • On-the-job training(OJT)

Manuals for Usages at School

For educational programs of institutions
and self-directed learning

  • Classroom
  • Online classes
  • Group activities

Manuals for Usages at Daliy Life

Wherever and whenever you need real-time captions,
on a variety of devices

  • Daily conversation
  • Video Contents
  • Work (online meetings, etc)
  • In-person and online education programs and events

Manuals for Usages at Event

Enable accurate closed captioning for audiences
at speeches, lectures, and other events

  • Events for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Barrier-free events
  • All events where real-time captioning is required