PC SOVORO Demonstration

Live transcription software
for PC

PC SOVORO converting speech into text
Get real-time subtitles from classes, seminars, and churches.

A captured image of subtitles on PC SOVORO

Provides subtitles for different languages

We support Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and German. With multi-language support, foreign lectures and videos can be easily interpreted and viewed.

Dark mode for eye comfort

Depending on your preference, change the background color of PC SOVORO. Reduce eye strain and watch comfortably with Dark mode.

Real time subtitles Share using Channeling function.

You can share your subtitles with others through SOVORO Channel. Receive subtitles simultaneously on any smart devices by joining the channel.

Joining SOVORO Channel

Boost accuracy
SOVORO Dictionary

Register terminology, names of people or places in advance to increase the accuracy of real-time subtitles.